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The PLD eBooks, how can they be used? What is the copyright policy?

Can I share PLD eBooks with friends and/or colleagues?
PLD’s eBooks may only be used by the Authorised Purchaser, and the Authorised Purchaser’s students, and only in conjunction with classes taken by the Authorised Purchaser. The Authorised Purchaser is defined as the original purchaser of the PLD eBook.

Note: Bulk licensing options are available to allow schools to share products with staff electronically (e.g. saved on servers, for use by the whole school staff or accessible within online platforms) and can be found here

Please note: The email address that is used at the time of order will be stamped on each page of the PDF for copyright purposes. This email can not be adjusted after the order has been placed.

How can the PLD eBooks be used?
Under the ‘Statutory Educational License’ the authorised purchaser can:
View the eBook as a whole or in part
Copy the eBook to your personal drive or locally on your device
Display the eBook on your Interactive Whiteboard, projector or smart TV, for the purpose of teaching the students in your own classroom
Photocopy or print up to 10% of the eBook per year, for use with the students in my classroom(s).

How can the PLD eBooks not be used?
Under the ‘Statutory Educational License’ the authorised purchaser can not:
Modify PLD’s eBooks in any way
Create duplicate copies for personal use or for sharing with a friend or colleague.
Copy in excess of 10% of the eBook within the period of a year
Save the resource onto a shared drive, intranet, portal site or other public network sites. All resources purchased belong solely to the authorized purchaser. Refer to our licensing page for more information on multiple users.
Incorporate any of PLD’s intellectual property into another resource without written approval.

Updated on: 25/03/2021

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