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The PLD eBooks, how can they be used? What is the copyright policy?

If you are a teacher
Any eBook purchased is for your use only, and will be stamped with your name and email address. You are the 'Authorised Purchaser' and the only person authorised to use the purchased eBook.

If you are a school
Purchasing an eBook grants you a single-user licence which is only to be used by an individual user. You may transfer this licence to an individual teacher, however making this eBook available to more than 1 person (e.g. sharing with multiple staff &/or making it available on a shared drive or intranet site) is a breach of Australian Copyright laws.
RECOMMENDATION: If you would like to provide multiple staff with access, we strongly suggest purchasing a 'School Licence'. These were created specifically to allow schools to share access with all relevant staff and ensures that resources don't get damaged, lost (or taken when a staff member leaves), can be accessed across all electronic devices and never need to be updated because you automatically have access to the latest version. Read more about School Licences here:

Usage Restrictions for Teachers and Schools

Can I share PLD eBooks with friends and/or colleagues?
No. PLD’s eBooks may only be used by the Authorised Purchaser, and the Authorised Purchaser’s students, and only in conjunction with classes taken by the Authorised Purchaser. The Authorised Purchaser is defined as the original purchaser of the PLD eBook as explained above.

How the PLD eBooks can be used
Under the ‘Statutory Educational License’ the authorised purchaser can:
View the eBook as a whole or in part
Copy the eBook to your personal drive or locally on your device
Display the eBook on your Interactive Whiteboard, projector or smart TV, for the purpose of teaching the students in your own classroom
Photocopy or print up to 10% of the eBook per year, for use with the students in your classroom(s).

How the PLD eBooks must not be used
Under the ‘Statutory Educational License’ the authorised purchaser can not:
Modify PLD’s eBooks in any way
Create duplicate copies for personal use or for sharing with a friend or colleague
Copy in excess of 10% of the eBook within the period of a year
Incorporate any of PLD’s intellectual property into another resource without written approval
Save the resource onto a shared drive, intranet, portal site or other public network sites. All resources purchased belong solely to the authorised purchaser & may not be shared in any way. Refer to our licensing page for more information on multiple users

eBook usage may be tracked and breaching any of the above-mentioned items may result in legal action being taken.

Updated on: 23/01/2024

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