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Can I view PLD books/publications online?

Yes, you can view ALL of our publications on our website in full.
Simply select a publication from the PLD range. For example: Spelling activities for middle and upper primary.

When viewing the product page, hover with your cursor over the cover. VIEW will appear, as shown below.
Click on the muted cover (or VIEW) and within a few seconds the full version of the publication will be displayed. You can also click on the 'eye' icon underneath the product cover image.
Scroll through the pages to view the entire resource.

You will not be able to print the pages, but you will be able to preview the entire resource and in fact any resource within the PLD range.
Don't forget there are also the information and demonstration video's that are located on the left hand side of the screen, beside the cover of each PLD publication.
In this way, before purchasing, the books in full can be viewed.
If you have any further questions please contact us here.

Updated on: 05/04/2018

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