Time Savers Stages 5 & 6 is currently live on the website and available for preorder: https://pld-literacy.org/product/structured-synthetic-phonics-time-savers-stage-5-6/

We already have many pre-orders. Both the physical and eBook versions with be released at the same time.

The COVID-19 shut down in WA has delayed printers & couriers. We are hoping that by the end of February all pre-orders will be sent out once the delivery arrives.
The book is close and we apologise for the delay and not managing to get it out by the start of Term 1.

Until then, we suggest that you utilise the *Phonic and Sight Word Sequence** to compile your word lists.

Again apologies, we are working as fast as possible to make it available to schools.

If you would like to pre-order do so **HERE**

Diana Rigg & PLD Team
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