What is PLD's Morphology Process? Hoes does morphology operate within SSP?

What is Morphology?

'morph’ = shape/form & ‘ology’ = the study of

Morphology is the study of words, particularly the structure of words and parts of words. This involves exploring root words ( including those of Latin or Greek origin), prefixes (added to the front of words) and suffixes (added to the end of words).

Structured Synthetic Phonics & Morphology

According to Goodwin & Ahn (2010), students cannot learn to spell words solely by sounding them out because a single letter in English can represent more than one sound. Knowledge of morphemes can make spelling of complex words or spelling exceptions easier for students to remember. For example, although the words played and grade rhyme, an understanding of the past tense morpheme -ed explains the different spellings.

PLD's Morphology Process

The phonic concepts presented in PLD Stage 4, Stage 5 & Stage 6 are primarily morpheme units (i.e. prefixes and suffixes that impact the meaning of words).
Morphology is also embedded in the early stages. Refer to the following to demonstrate the development of morphology understanding across the PLD stages:

PLD Scope & Sequence - Prefixes & Suffixes

Updated on: 15/11/2022

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