What does a PLD SSP Lesson look like in Foundation?

Foundation Overview
Semester 1
Instruction can be done at a whole class and small group level, and should involve short explicit sessions 3-4 times a day. Students should be provided many opportunities to practice pre-literacy skills throughout the day. i.e. 'little but often'. This could be done during mat time, on the way out to recess, in small groups, with the Assistant, during transition times, etc.
Activities to support learning can be included as task work with the teacher or assistant in addition to the explicit instruction sessions.
It is recommended that teachers watch the Term 1 Teaching Tips and Term 2 Teaching Tips videos.

Semester 2
From Semester 2, when most students are in Stage 1, it is recommended teachers apply the SSP lesson format found on Page 5 of the Year 1 & 2 Teaching Sequence Manual (below).
For more instruction teachers should watch the Term 3 Teaching Tips and Term 4 Teaching Tips videos.

Structuring Synthetic Phonics Within Literary Blocks

Research suggests that SSP instruction should be daily and that teachers should allocate a minimum of 30 minutes per day (Monday to Friday) to the explicit teaching of phonics.
In order to achieve this, PLD recommends that teachers establish a weekly process in which three differentiated ability groups can be efficiently facilitated. PLD suggests a four part format:
Explicit Instruction
Independent Task

The tasks selected should have a “sound-out” and phonics focus, as well as a task to facilitate the transfer of spelling words into written work.

Updated on: 15/11/2022

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