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What are the fonts that PLD uses?

We use three different fonts depending on the type of resource.

But do keep in mind (particularly for the Early Years and Foundation) there are reading specific fonts and handwriting fonts.
Children will learn to read in book or "ball and stick" type fonts, all of which differ slightly. But these are quite regular and fairly similar.
Children learn to write or form letters in a slightly different font, which typically has a slant (rather than the upright reading fonts). Some of the letters in reading font and handwriting fonts are quite similar (e.g. s) and others have slight differences (e.g. k).
It is essential that students over time build both sets of skills; font knowledge in order to facilitate reading and also for writing.

The most common handwriting fonts PLD uses is NSW Foundation and Victorian Cursive fonts for letter formation.

Updated on: 31/08/2023

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