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The Teaching Sequence Manuals have changed and it seems everything has moved up 6 months, why is this?

PLD's evidence-based approach draws upon the literature within:

The Science of Reading, which promotes quite a rapid coverage of phonic concepts.
Internationally vaild phonic check, which commenced as the UK Phonics. In Australia, by the Term 3 Year 1, the majority of students in Year 1 should attain a score of 28, if presented with an effective phonics program in the Foundation school year and Semester 1, Year 1.
State level initiatives e.g. The NSW Curriculum and the WA Phonics Initiative.

Thu UK Phonics Check, Page 6 of the WA Education Department's Phonics Initiative Document and the NSW Curriculum.
What has changed?

Foundation: Stage 1 Targets 1, 2 and 3 will be covered by the end of the year for the Tier 1 students.
Year 1: focuses on Target 4 of Stage 1 in Term 1 and then Stage 2 to be largely covered by the end of Year 1.
The Junior Primary then flows on to the middle and upper primary years.

Updated on: 13/09/2023

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