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PLD's printed & electronic materials, how can they be used? Can I share them with a friend/colleague?

Can I share PLD printed materials with friends and/or colleagues?
PLD’s printed programs may only be used by the Authorised Purchaser, and the Authorised Purchaser’s students, and only in conjunction with classes taken by the Authorised Purchaser. The Authorised Purchaser is defined as the original purchaser of the PLD printed resource.

Can I share PLD electronic materials with friends and/or colleagues?
eBooks: No, eBooks are only for use by the purchaser and sharing the electronic files with others is a breach of copyright law.
School Licensing: Yes, school licensing allows a school to give access to all staff employed at the school so they can access the resources.

How can PLD products be used?
Under the Statutory Educational License the authorised purchaser can:
View the product as a whole or in part
Photocopy or print up to 10% of the resource per year, for use with the students in my classroom(s).
This applies to printed books, eBooks and in the case of School Licensed resources, the 10% limit applies per resource per user per year.

How can PLD products NOT be used?
Under the Statutory Educational License the authorised purchaser can not:
Modify PLD’s printed products or programs in any way
Create duplicate copies for personal use or for sharing with a friend or colleague.
Make a full or partial duplicate copy as a backup.
Copying in excess of 10% of the printed program within a year period
Save the resource onto a shared drive, intranet, portal site or other public network sites. All resources purchased belong solely to the authorised purchaser.
Incorporate any of PLD’s intellectual property into another resource without written approval.

Updated on: 04/03/2021

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