I want to book a school session with Caitlin Brandt to get the school up and running with PLD.

PLD’s Queensland-based Schools Manager, Caitlin, provides training in locations across Queensland including in-person seminars and on-site training for schools wanting to help equip staff to get the best possible literacy outcomes for their students. At this stage, Caitlin has started working with us part-time and is limited to 3 regional trips (driving/flying) per term. She will be moving to full time work in the near future.

Availability & Support Options

At this stage, Caitlin can service regions within 2.5 hours of the Gold Coast. You can see options of her booking services HERE

Seminars & Professional Development Training in Queensland

Caitlin will also be running a number of seminars, as outlined in the flyer HERE

Please note if staff have completed the online courses, attending this session is not necessary, as it covers similar content. Online courses will do the same to get classrooms up and running. Visit Start Implementing for more information on how to begin using PLD.

If questions still exist and schools require coaching beyond the online courses, the following options are available free of charge through the PLD office:
Q&A Coaching Session Phone Call BOOK HERE
Q&A Coaching Session Zoom Meeting BOOK HERE
Tracking Sheet Feedback BOOK HERE
School Leader 30 Minute Consult BOOK HERE
15 Minute Classroom Teacher Consult BOOK HERE

Updated on: 03/02/2023

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