I can't access PLD tracking sheets / online course / links in PLD newsletters - Queensland Schools

The PLD team apologises for the inconvenience and it is unfortunate that QLD is the only state that is experiencing this issue. However, schools in your position have been able to find a solution to this technical issue.

What is causing this?
Devices provided by the Department of Education in Queensland, as well as the internet connections within schools, will block Google services (i.e. where the PLD tracking sheets are located), the website where PLD's online training courses are stored and our newsletter distribution system.

Access at School
You will need to use your mobile phone as a wifi hotspot and connect the school's devices to this. As this is the only way to work around the network block.
If you were to bring your own personal devices to school, you will still need to connect to the hotspot.

Access at Home
This will be the easiest solution.
Use your personal device and connect to your own internet network.
If you need to use a device that is provided by the Dept of Ed, you will still need to connect to the hotspot from your mobile phone

Longterm Solution
To resolve this issue, request your school's IT department to have the following domains unblocked:

Still Not Working?
If you have tried all of the above and are still having difficulty accessing the training or PLD tracking sheets, please contact us via the website chat here, or email us here with a screenshot of the error message and details of what you are trying to access.

Updated on: 18/01/2023

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