School licensing allows schools to purchase products from the PLD website and make them accessible to any or all school staff* via any electronic devices, including desktops, laptops, tablets and phones. Once a school license in purchased for a product, any updated versions released will automatically be made available to all customers who have an active School License, which is valid for 12 months from the date of purchase. Here's how it works:

A School License can be purchased for many PLD products (more are still to be added) by going to the product page and selecting the 'School License' tab and then selecting 'Add to cart'. We recommend the purchase is completed by a school Principal, Deputy or Admin person, because the person who places the order will be the one who has control over renewing the subscription and giving access to other users.

Once the purchase has been completed and paid for (credit card only - school account/PO is not available for School License products), go to 'My Account' and select the 'My Subscriptions' tab to view all available subscriptions. Any 'School License' products which have been purchased will be visible in this section.

Clicking on the 'Send Invite' tab will allow you to enter the email addresses of any staff you would like to have access to the subscribed products. After entering the email addresses (1 email address per line), click the 'Send Invitation' button to have them sent.

Invited users (e.g. teachers, EAs) will receive an email invitation and by clicking on the 'Accept invitation' button, they will be able to create an account on the PLD website and will they have access to all School License products which have an active subscription.
Note: If you send an invitation to someone who already has an account on the PLD website, their existing account will automatically be added to the subscription and they will immediately have access to the available products.

Clicking on the 'Manage Invites' tab will allow you to see all users who have access and remove any who should not (e.g. staff who may have left).

Note: The products can not be downloaded by any user, they are only able to be viewed by logging into the PLD website.****

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*Access can only be given the staff who are employed at the school which has purchased the School License. Sharing access outside direct employees may result in termination of the license &/or legal action being taken.
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