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How do I access the daily reviews and digital content of the SSP Kit?

Your Integrated SSP Kit includes online access to daily Reviews for interactive whiteboards or screens, as well as printable versions of the game and activities in this manual, plus additional demonstration Videos.

The Access 'My SSPK Kit' Online:

Go to and click on the 'Redeem Licence' Button or Scan this QR Code" to activate

Enter your licence code printed in your manual.

Purchasing the SSP kit grants you a single-user licence which is only to be used by an individual user. You may transfer this licence to an individual teacher, however making this manual available to more than 1 person (e.g. sharing with multiple staff &/or making it available on a shared drive or intranet site) is a breach of Australian Copyright laws.

In a job-sharing role the licenses will need to be transferred to the additional user, this transfer can be completed unlimited times.

Transfer serial number to another user

To transfer to another user, please navigate to Log in or create a new user, enter the license code and you will receive a transfer window, Click transfer to the new user.

Note each serial number can only be activated against one user at a time.

Updated on: 15/05/2024

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