End of Year Process

Suggestions to utilise the end of year or beginning of year pupil free days.

Step 1: Register and set up the PLD Tracking Sheets.

The school's Literacy Coordinator or Principal can register for the PLD tracking sheets here: https://pld-literacy.org/plds-tracking-sheets/
Rename the tabs to reflect the class structure of the school i.e. Rm 19, Year 1B, etc.
Convert the document to a cloud-based file and upload to your shared drive i.e. OneDrive, Teams etc. This will be the document that teachers need to populate.
Once class lists are set, student names can be entered.

Step 2: Conduct Exit Screening

Foundation to Year 5 teachers conduct exit testing to hand over UNMARKED to next year's Year 1 to Year 6 teachers. There is not a dedicated "end of year" spelling placement test; use the Term 3 words.
This data is extremely useful when conducting PLD Professional Learning (online or at our premise).
The Foundation spelling placement test in this manual: https://pld-literacy.org/product/foundation-screening-tracking-manual/
The Year 1 & 2 spelling placement test in this manual: https://pld-literacy.org/product/year-1-2-screening-tracking-manual/
The Year 3, 4 & 5 spelling placement test is located in this manual: https://pld-literacy.org/product/year-3-4-5-6-screening-tracking-manual/

Step 3: Allocate part of or a full Pupil-Free Day at the end of Term 4 or beginning of Term 1.

Staff view 2-2.5 hours of the online course content as a group. It is beneficial to have some PLD resources on hand to refer to the different programs available. It is also an option for Diana Rigg to present training to WA schools. See here for more information: https://pld-literacy.org/consultation-enquiry/
Class teachers mark the spelling placement tests.
Class teachers plot their new class onto the whole-school tracking sheet document (cloud-based so teachers can work on the same document at the same time).
Class teachers arrange the class into three targeted teaching groups (as per the short 10-minute videos listed below).
Teachers benefit from the allocation of an additional hour, to plan for the term ahead drawing from the online course training, the testing and the new programs.

Short class testing video to be viewed by:

Foundation (in Step 4): https://pld-literacy.org/foundation-getting-started-with-pld/#step4
Year 1 and 2 (in Step 4): https://pld-literacy.org/year-1-and-2
Year 3-6 here (in Step 4): https://pld-literacy.org/year-3-4-5-6-getting-started-with-pld/#step4

Step 4: The school leaders will benefit from viewing the School Leader FREE online course.

There is a downloadable school leader manual also for download on this page: https://pld-literacy.org/school-leaders-successful-pld-implementation/

PLD's consultants are available to answer any questions. Get in touch with us via the online chat function on our website or email mail@pld-literacy.org

Updated on: 07/09/2021

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