Does PLD assess fluency in Foundation?

PLD does not screen reading fluency in Foundation.
“The achievement of oral fluency marks an important point in a students’ reading journey. It reinforces the relationship between learning to read and reading to learn.” Konza (2011, pg.6)

Students in Foundation are typically not usually fluent readers because reading is typically slow and characterized by LOTS of decoding.
That is normal.
But, decoding should be reducing as the year progresses, with whole word reading and faster readign emerging.

Fluency should start to emerge in Year 1
From Year 1, students' reading fluency can be ascertained by calculating the words correct per minute as is explained on Page 20 of the Year 1 & 2 Screening & Tracking Manual.
By the end of year 1, Konza (2012) suggests students should be achieving 60 words correct per minute.

Calculating Words Correct Per Minute

Updated on: 15/11/2022

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