Do I teach a list per week? Or can I choose to do a list per fortnight?

Phonic-based word lists should be presented and taught weekly.
If students receive word lists fortnightly: they will only cover 5 phonic concepts per term, and not progress through the program at the desired rate.
The presentation of weekly lists is strongly recommended.
SSP teaching requires that students progress through phonic content.

PLD's Phonic & Sight Word Sequence and Whole School Literacy Plan outline the typical progression through the stages.
Stage 1 should be covered from Foundation to Year 1, and stages 2 - 6 will be covered in their respective years.
This may look like:

Word lists can be sourced from Structured Synthetic Phonics Time-Savers or sourced and typed up from the Scope & Sequence.

Updated on: 21/09/2022

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