Do I complete the sounds test (Subtest 2) every term for Foundation students if they have already shown their knowledge of all the sounds?

During your initial Foundation screening in Week 6 of Term 1:
Progress through Subtests 2, 1a, 1b & 3 from the Foundation Screening & Tracking Manual and calculate each student’s score.
Remember to note the occurrence of any observable ‘Concerning or Negative Observations’ (which indicate that further skill development is still required) even if the student scores fairly accurate CVC.

Teachers are only required to do subsequent Pre-Reading Screens with students that score less than 20/26 in Subtest 2, and 0%, 20% or 40% in pre-CVC skills.
If reading and spelling accurately at a CVC level, then testing pre-CVC skills is no longer necessary. See below:
Pre Reading Screen
Percentages / Cut-off Scores / Success Rates
Here are two detailed FAQ regarding monitoring progress and grouping students according to scores (%):
For Teachers: How much progress should students be making in a term?
For Leaderhip: How to monitor progress within the classes.

Updated on: 16/11/2022

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