Can 'hook' be marked correct is it is read with the wrong /oo/ sound in the Early Ready Screen?

In short, mark this as incorrect.

Hook, the word presented in the Early Reading Screen to assess the long /oo/ sound (pictured in the Early Reading Screen below),

Early Reading Screen
PLD suggests that if students are providing the wrong /oo/ sound here, some revision of these sounds would be beneficial to students.

Throughout Target 2, Students are exposed to both /oo/ sounds, the lobg and short sound. It is common that initially there is confusiona as to whoch 'oo' sound to apply.

In the context of reading, children will often apply one form, and then realise that doen't sound correct, and need to change to the other form.

Within their practice of both forms, they should begin to know when to interchange both to read a word.

Updated on: 25/11/2022

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